The Tale Of My Valentines

Are you one of those people who preferred to sleep late, woke up late and snuggled with your pets the entire day, especially when you were supposed to succumb to the societal pressure of celebrating your love on one particular day i.e., Valentine’s Day? Congratulations, you successfully prevented commercialisation of your feelings. It is out of the league for people like us who don’t share the same opinion as others. Moreover, how come hugging and cuddling your pets isn’t seen as celebration of love by many? We, pet lovers do it all the time!

Here is the story of my Valentines over the course of three years who I love beyond limits. My cats have taught me a different type of love which is purer than what Valentine’s Day makes it to be. It’s an unspoken bond which I share with them. Now, let’s know about those who made difference to my live and I will choose them any day over anyone, whether they stay with me or not.

Choo Choo- The First Love Of My Life

Choo Choo in 2015

Choo Choo came into my life in 2015. At that time, she was merely a stray kitten for me. Little did I know that she will decide to stay with me after I rescued her from a busy road. Oh dear, she did fight a lot to get out of the house initially; however; on third day of her stay she ran back inside after I released her. Slowly, her personality begin to shine through. I call her my Iron Lady. Why? She was always the one who took charge of the house. If she liked something; amazing! If she did not; then she made it crystal clear. Always an independent soul, she made sure to take care of herself when going outdoors. Once she was almost mauled by stray dogs but dragged herself back to our house and collapsed. What astonishes me is that she knew where to go for help. She amazed me the way she endured her pain and kept following her usual routine. She is one beautiful cat who never ceases to amaze me.

The Dynamic Duo Of Jacky and Stalin

Jacky and Stalin with Mom.

The birth of Jacky and Stalin came to me as a surprise as I did not know that Choo Choo was even expecting them. Regardless, they made my life better with their starkly different personalities.

Jacky (the black one) was always a tough brat who loved to bite every finger which was pointed at him. He was one of the most aggressive kittens who bit a friend of mine even when he was just a week old. He was popular among my friends because of his jet black colour.

Stalin was mistaken by me for a female simply because he looked so beautiful. Complete opposite of Stalin, he was an emotional one. These brothers scampered around the house like free spirits and made sure that there wasn’t a single dull moment.

With their birth and Choo Choo’s new motherhood, I observed a new kind of love. My heart broke when I gave them for adoption but that has never stopped me from loving them.

The Taurus Quintuplets

Quintuplets without one sibling

There was supposed to be the fifth one but she turned out to be a runt and did not survive. I took my time in naming them. Eventually, I named them Tom, Tara, Queenie, Charlie. They made me feel a new wave of emotion as their superb personalities begin to shine.


So, this is Tom. To be honest, I never have seen such a handsome boy. He is quiet demanding when it comes to gaining affection. Also, he is vocal about what he wants. He is a sucker for love which has made him everyone’s absolute favourite. The moment you call his name, he meows. And he does it every time. This boy has thwarted every notion about cats. He is as affectionate as a dog and I can’t stop hugging him whenever he is sleeping. Don’t think it’s creepy; he loves it.

Tom is a highly social cat who loves to pamper and be pampered. If you try cuddling him, he will simply flop down on the floor and expose his belly.


Queenie (the one who is photobombing and Tara (front)

These poles apart sisters told me a lot about love and independence. Tara, the one in front was never the one to compromise in her kittenhood. Her strict adherence to certain thoughts made me wonder if she could beat her mother, Choo Choo, in ego battles. She was quite reserved when it comes to expressing herself as well. She ran away from my house once she was dumped by her adopter after merely 20 days. I have seen her sometimes, but she refuses to come back. Even though I don’t like it, I have to accept that she is strong enough to survive outside. Like her mother, she has become independent and refuses to live life on others’ terms. I have learnt a great deal from her.

Queenie, on the other hand, is quite a sentimental creature. When she was 3 months old, she took turns in hugging me and my friend for half an hour. I named her Queenie as she had a crown/tiara like marking between her ears. Earlier, I thought of naming her Crownie but changed it later. Yet again, this girl taught me more about love than my human companions. She never restrained herself from showing affection and this is what me love her more. Quite possessive of me, she dislikes it when her siblings demand affection. Queenie is a pure gem when it comes to showing loyalty and care. For all I know, she is truly a Queen of my heart.


Charlie is who we can call the “Man of the house”; at least this is what he thinks. He has never really purred out loud, showed affection, meowed much or broke things. Seemingly, he has taken his role a tad too seriously. He may look quiet but his presence is demanding. His demands are simple- chicken bones, best corner of the bed, and don’t bother policy. Also, never hesitates to beat up his siblings unless they bow to him and accept his Kinghood. He is awesome in his own ways but I don’t agree with his bullying nature which drove his mom and Queenie and Tara away from our house.


Peppy or Pepper is a disciple of Charlie and loves to follow him around. He is the baby of the house who constantly needs his older brother’s guidance to survive. Unlike Tara, Charlie and Tom, he is the biggest chatterbox who will meow non-stop. Extremely innocent and highly sensitive, it takes a single mistake from my side to get him offended. He does not need me; he needs Charlie.

Pepper was adopted too but the woman couldn’t handle him and returned him. Since that day, he became more possessive of Charlie. I had no heart to give him for adoption again especially after that incident. Even at the age of 2.5 years, he kiddish antics have not stopped. Recently, I took in a kitten whose right arm was dislocated but Pepper hated him so much that he started staying outside our house. He does come to have food but disapproves of new kitten’s presence. Each night he meows for affection but runs away when I try to bring him inside. I can just hope to convince him to stay. He is one cat I cannot imagine my life without.


Rusty is one kid who I feel highly responsible for. Since she had a lot of siblings, attention to her was somewhat limited. Her personality was amazing though. She was never the one to seek attention from humans; for her Charlie was her protector who she loved to follow around the house. As time passed, she became more open about her need for attention. All you needed to do was to pet her frivolously and she used to became a cuddlebug. With her brother Pepper, she used to roam freely and play a lot. Charlie was never the one to give attention but both siblings loved to hang out with him.

Like Pepper and Queenie, Rusty also decided to become an outdoor cat. This behaviour came from the jealousy she felt for the new kitten. I felt bad as I was helpless. You can’t tell cats what to do; they follow their minds. All I know is that I will always be there for them.

In a nutshell, my cats have taught me a new definition of love. They have their individual personalities which has made me fall in love with them every time I see them. With ongoing feuds between them and their mutual dislike of the new kitten, it seems hard that the peace will be restored soon; however, I am here for them. Every day is Valentine’s Day for me for I believe that love should not be restricted to a particular day. My clowder has wrapped me around their paws forever. Even though Pepper, Tara and Choo Choo aren’t with me right now, they are around me. I love them forever and will soon convince them to come home.

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