Welcome To Adam’s Mad World

“Ladies and Gentlemen, making his debut performance with his first single, Adam Lambert!”

2009 American Music Awards - Show
These were the words with which the world welcomed one of the most talented singers to have ever existed. Yes, it’s Adam Lambert who came For Your Entertainment and stole hearts of music lovers. Adam Lambert stepped onto the American Idol Stage in 2009 and proved to be a game-changer in the musical world.
Regardless of the controversies tailing him, Adam’s Fever continued to burgeon and chalked out a Master Plan which promised a Time For Miracles for people in LGBTQIA community. Amidst his American Idol journey, he was not allowed to speak openly about his sexuality as a part of his contract. The buzz didn’t stop though. Hell broke loose after he was declared a runner up in the show, losing by a wide margin to Kris Allen. The controversy arose as he was an absolute favourite as a contender to the winning position. Instead of being disappointed, he chose to ignore his loss, and started making press appearances and doing photo shoots. It was the same time when he was accused of spreading immorality and some people from the gay community even decided not to extend their support for the reason that they did not find Adam gay enough to represent them.

For some, Adam was still not enough, for others he was a Wonderful and shining example as an idol who became the First Light for people with alternate sexualities. Born To Be Wild, Adam gripped the music lovers with his otherworldly showmanship and left them with a lingering sensation of Feeling Good about themselves. At one point no one could deny that A Change is Gonna Come because Adam was the harbinger of freshness the music industry needed. He could sing any song, Play That Funky Music in his recreated versions and still make people fall in love with him.

When People Felt Whole Lotta Love For Adam

Obsession for Adam started gaining momentum when he first dazzled the audience with his insane voice. Although his sexuality did give him hiccups in his quest to make a mark on this world, Adam refused to take things as Black or White and carved out a silver lining for himself. Having embraced his homosexuality in his teenage years, his Slow Ride on the path to fame began with Music Again as his motivational force. With a supportive family, he had broken open a path into the music industry as an openly gay singer who continued to Climb the ladder of success. The power of his voice was such that his audience were left Cryin’ with happiness. He left people overwhelmed with his high notes and pitch-perfect song delivery. It’s not surprising that his powerful voice led to people sending him Whole Lotta Love from around the globe.
One thing is worth mentioning though; not everyone was impressed and Adam certainly had to walk through the Mad World‘s Ring Of Fire which tested and questioned him at each step. He was like a Voodoo magician of whom people were sceptical at first. Simon, one of the judges on the American Idol was particularly critical of Adam’s performances and sounded doubtful of Adam’s ability to be a winner among the Sure Fire Winners. In other words, his astonishing performances were often reluctantly accepted. Adam being Adam, accepted each criticism with poise and grace when others expected him to Run Away in the Rough Trade of music excellence.

A 20th Century Boy In The Ring Of Fire


Being a 20th Century Boy, Adam was already comfortable with who he was, his sexuality and desire to be the best in the Spotlight. His sheer determination to Crawl Through The Fire of sudden stardom earned him a separate place despite him being constantly Underneath the sharp vigil of critics who, at times, refused to Take Back their scathing comments on Adam’s ability as a singer. It was remarkable that Adam decided to Hold On his ground and not Sacrifice his Naked Love for being himself. His positive aura impacted people who couldn’t help loving him. He found strong support in Paula Abdul, one of the judges who didn’t hide that Adam’s insane talent was Turning On a new page in the history of American Idol. Her love for Adam could as well be described as “Can’t Let You Go“. In normal circumstances, it could have been labelled as favouritism but when it zeroed down to Adam, his “Just The Way It Is” attitude earned him a place in the Map of the musical world.
For some reason, controversies loved to kiss Adam now and then. The same happened while American Idol 8 was running as one of the successful seasons, all thanks to Adam. When the pictures of him kissing his former partner surfaced amidst the competition, instead of being Shady about his sexuality, he decided to let his talent do the Kicking In. Unfazed by the Rumors, Adam refused to let anyone Shame him and put a Chokehold around his neck. Anyone would have crumbled under such pressure where people with alternate sexualities were labelled as Outlaws Of Love; but not Adam. He played By The Rules and still won hearts if not the title of winner.

Two Fux Given

Having already tasted spotlight, Adam proved to be an Evil In The Night in the competitive Ghost Town of the music industry. Out of the competition, he was now ready to face the questions which the reporters were itching to ask him. By this time, he had already earned a strong fanbase which was Cuckoo for his songs; however, he still had to Pop That Lock of conservatism which was constantly thrown at him. Labelled as a Wild Idol and disliked by manu, he came under Heavy Fire for his erotic performance at 2009 American Music Awards. His off-the-track performance became a thorn in the eyes of America’s heteronormative population which demanded that Adam should Take Back his unapologetic attitude and tone down his attention-seeking antics. The wave of controversy could well be understood as Trespassing done by Adam which shattered the bubble of conservative parents who thought that their children should be shielded from such influence. Of course, Good Morning America cancelled on him; however, Adam didn’t bow down to the wishes of those people who expected him to Beg For Mercy so that his career prospects aren’t damaged. Instead, he threw The Light on that eventful performance in a calm and composed manner.
No one could blame a heated performance when probably the same “vulnerable” children were getting exposed to nudity in some form or other. Adam even appeared in a nude photo shoot with a female model for Details magazine to perhaps hit back at people who hated his guts to be openly gay. Even people who spoke Broken English could make out that he didn’t deliberately offend. Adam’s only let his adrenaline conquer him which was an apt performance according to the theme of his first single. When questioned about his shock factor, he stated that the same population found Britney and Madonna’s 2003 VMA kiss hot. From being a sweet person to becoming the Castle Man and flag bearer of the LGBTQIA community, his comments certainly highlighted his daring personality which dared to expose the hypocrisy regarding gendered expectations from artists
The controversies kept on chasing Adam for quite a while but Adam only proved himself to a better person by gracefully addressing them. Earlier, the press made an effort to irk him but were not successful. He only asked, “Whataya want from me?“, and showed “There, I Said It” attitude when swarmed by questions irrelevant to his talent. Runnin’ away was never Adam’s quality; he could spend yet Another Lonely Night but not feel guilty for who he truly was from within. He stated that we must Never close our eyes to the beautiful diversity in human sexuality. His song, If I Had You, also sent a message that life is too short to sulk on the trivial issues like money, fame, fortune (and sexuality too.) Initially, he was dismissed as a Sleepwalker walking in the unforgiving Suburban Decay who was insensitive towards others’ feelings. Later, the controversy died a slow death as his talent prevailed and he declared that he cannot please everyone. According to him, “It’s all apples and oranges; some people like and some don’t. I won’t apologise for Things I Didn’t Say or do as my true fans know me Better Than I Know Myself .”

What Makes Adam Lovable Even After A Decade?

Adam has transformed from a Wild Idol to a Hot Wild Idol and still doesn’t fail to evoke sensuality in people’s hearts with his unforgivable charm and a voice to die for. Well, we are left with a question for people who love to stir controversy- “Did You Need It?” Adam is here and not going anywhere. Glamberts will forever have his back because they know that he is worth everything.
Wearing a Guyliner and a Loaded Smile, Adam rattled the conventional masculinity which the world was gripped with at that time. Little did he knew that his passion for music would take him to places and make him a figure without who no one would imagine their days to be fulfilled. Today, he is a beautiful Aftermath which American Idol blessed this world with. For Glamberts, he is a survivor, an idol, who stood tall and proud despite being Down The Rabbit Hole after his raunchy AMA performance. His first ever official performance as an official singer shocked people as it took a different turn. The performance came with No Boundaries which was More Than what many could handle as they were Soaked in the preconceived notion of homosexuality being immoral. Despite his appearance being cancelled by Good Morning America, he did not apologise for being himself and went On With The Show.

Why I Am A Glambert?

Adam is known to Marry The Night and conjure a magical aura which leaves people tranced. His voice is soothing and clear beyond imagination. On a personal note, I couldn’t help Crying with happiness because I fell in love with him as a person. In Adam’s reign, Love Wins Over Glamour and only music remains. I remember an instance when I had to go under the knife to get my ovarian cyst operated. Initially, it wasn’t that bad but one day I woke up with unbearable pain which did not allow me to either sit or stand. Writhing in pain, I took a train to my hometown as my mother knew a surgeon who would operate on me for less cost. Unable to tolerate the pulsating pain, I took out my headphones and decided to play some music to divert my attention. 2 hours of Adam Lambert and my pain eased to a greater degree. I can’t forget when was the last time someone’s voice relaxed me in this manner. After Hours of surgery, when I finally woke up I realised that perhaps Adam Lambert was the best thing to have ever happened to humankind. No, there is no exaggeration here, I feel that way towards this guy who has stayed strong and thrived in an era when Mp3’s Killed The Record Companies.
The best part about Adam is the way he carries himself, despite having cemented his position as a Wild Child of the music industry, he has continuously shown that he has the guts to combat what’s thrown at him. This guy deserves so much more than what he is getting now. No, this world Can’t Let You Go, Adam, even when the Light Falls Away. He probably was the worst thing to have happened to American Idol. Why? Because never for once he seemed to be a contestant; it was as if he was running his own show there. Now, he has tattooed arms, a stubble and more mature looks but he is still the same Adam who stormed his way into this world and left everyone in absolute awe. If I am asked about my love for him, I will simply say- “The Tracks of My Tears becomes more beautiful with Adam’s music in it for his smooth voice can Pick You Up.” Adam, these are the words of your fan who is glad to say, “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction until I listen to your songs at least five times a day. Even If I Can’t Have You the way a pansexual person would love to have you, I am happy that you are making music. No doubt, because of your musical excellence you are called Queen Lambert and your fans, like me, will always have your back.

A Word To Adam’s Critics

Who gives a damn about Adam’s sexuality or his wild side? Deep down I know that he has a good heart and is only here to entertain music lovers and have fun. Is Anybody Listening? Those who hate him have wool over their eyes which is a true loss for them. If you will dare to look past the judgmental filters, you will find a person who has not harmed anyone in any way. Music is the language of love and he is simply spreading love in this world. He might have had to Strut a little in his earlier years, it’s understandable as well. What would you do when you are suddenly thrown into the glam world? If Adam behaved erratically that was because was still finding his roots in the music industry and didn’t know how to react in a particular situation.
Apart from looking really good, Adam is still gaining popularity because of his powerful voice which makes him a true winner. Even now, I sometimes binge on his songs or stage performances, some of which are December, Fields, Hourglass, Pop Goes The Camera, The Circle, Tribal Segment, Jamming With Lasers, Dancers Interlude, Lucy and Meet My Band. While listening to these songs, I feel that he is unnecessarily compared to legends like Freddie Mercury. This man is here to stay, he is on his way to becoming a legend. A decade has passed and he still holds the power to make anyone weak in their knees. The evidence of his talent and popularity is irrefutable. Long live Queen Lambert; your Glamberts know your worth.
Adam: He came For Your Entertainment and did not think twice before Trespassing your heart; boy, oh boy, you must admit that even stealing hearts is an art.
Adam teaches you what the comfort of your own skin feels like; he did not let anyone get to him for his sexuality and stayed focused on what he loved. Look now, his fan base is increasing day by day. In the end, he is doing what he is passionate about.What truly matters is that he stays happy and thrives.

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  1. This was a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man. I felt every word written and believed every word written about the man I love. I am looking forward to his new music. I will die a Glambert. You can count on that.


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