The Comfort of Your Own Skin: Be the Melanin Goddess!

talen-de-st-croix-578559-unsplash“Ira, get ready as soon as possible. Your uncle and aunt are about to arrive soon.” Her mother yelled from the drawing room.

“Coming!” Ira responded.

The only daughter of the family was taking her time to get dressed. Ira smoothed her lush, black hair one last time, threw a glance at the mirror, and came out of the room.

The door bell rang. Ira bounced like a rabbit and opened the door. There they were!

“Oh my god!”, Ira’s aunt exclaimed. “How dark you have become!”

That was it. Ira’s happiness plunged in the pool of dismay. Her aunt’s complexion was fair. She even prided herself on having good genes. They came inside proudly. The dinner was served after elders finished with their camaraderie. Ira was awkwardly sitting on the chair which was placed in front of her aunt. She ate in silence, while the elderly’s conversation centered around what can be done to improve her complexion.


The Magical Melanin


Our skin shading is controlled by a pigment called melanin, and keeping in mind that everybody has melanin, it comes in various structures and proportions. The two types of melanin are called eumelanin and pheomelanin. Eumelanin comes in principally darker tones, while pheomelanin shows up as red and yellow tints. It is delivered by a specific gathering of cells called melanocytes.

Why all of us have different shades of skin? We have to look to better days around 1.2 million years or something like that, when “people” as we probably am aware them started losing their body hair and began exploring the surroundings. Since that point, humanoids have been vulnerable to the unending procedure of normal choice, in which ideal qualities advance characteristics that guide survival, and are hence passed along to progressive ages. The most vital adjustment that early people created? The capacity to survive the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Your body’s mechanism to survive damage imparted by Sun couldn’t be too bad. Right? Sadly, the harshest reality is that it invites prejudice against those who are dark. The comfort of their own skin isn’t valued, fairness does.

The Psychological Abuse

Profoundly dug in states of mind towards shading, and the expanding advancement of skincare items, are setting a ‘loathsome weight’ on dark coloured ladies. If you see a dark girl or woman walking across the street, attempt to notice their body language. It will give a lot away what she feels about herself.

For some reason, everyone prefers fairer people. And that reason is nothing but the psychology of dominance which the colonists imparted in our psyches. Lighter shades are good, reliable, beautiful, friendly, successful, and the list goes on. Dark women across the world find it hard to be accepted. It’s a constant battle between them and the society. For many, the calculation is simple, white marry white, black marry black. The peer group is also impacted because of the deep-rooted prejudice against dark-skinned people. It is not uncommon that dark people, especially women, are called names. Most of all, they are made to feel ashamed of something which is beyond their control.  Awful!

The inception of the psychological abuse begins the moment you gain consciousness. If a dark-skinned child is born, especially a girl, she is made to feel like an outcast. The same replicates in school, peer group, academic circle and jobs. The dark-skinned are demeaned. Of course, not all of us have the same thinking. However, a majority of women feel depressed because of constant taunts they face about their shade. Teenage phase tests them in the worst possible manner. In order to fit in, they may straighten their hair, use melanin-blocking skincare products, and wear layers of foundation. Do you know what it does? It gnaws their self-love and reduces it to ashes. The melanin which was supposed to protect their skin becomes their worst enemy. Ask any woman who has faced constant ridicule for her skin colour, you will get your answer. The society’s perception makes them hate themselves. If not accepted for who they are, they may suffer from long term depression and insecurity. Worse, they can pass the same to the future generations.

Be the Melanin Goddess

The very belief that dark isn’t beautiful is a myth. It is a myth which has been popularised to the extent that it refuses to wither. One thing must be recalled here- change is the only constant thing. You may attempt to fit in for some time but it will not work forever. Somewhere down the line, your conscience will awaken like a volcano. It is for those women who never felt sufficient while attempting to appease the society. Why would you do that to yourself? They only abuse you because they know you will be affected. Once you stop reacting to the actions of others, they will be taken aback. The comfort of your own skin is better.

10 Principles Dark Queens Follow

  1. Wear multiple layers of melanin and develop a skin so thick that their piercing comments aren’t absorbed by it.
  2. Don’t strive too hard to be what you are not. Throw the melanin blocking products away.
  3. Awaken your inner fashionista and don’t be afraid to wear the colours of your choice.
  4. Even sheeps follow the herd. Peer groups are worthless if they make you feel negative about your complexion. Be the leader of your life.
  5. Your intelligence, compassion, capacity to love and being loyal aren’t defined by the heavy concentration of melanin. Why to control which is beyond your control? Work towards uncontrollable success and take pride in that.
  6. Love your uniqueness. Society will take a stride back if they fail to rattle your self-love.
  7. Immerse yourself in the things which make you happy. Life is too short to follow the diktat of others.
  8. People make fun, gossip and demean, hoping to destroy you. When they fail, they follow you.
  9. Millions who hate you are nothing in comparison to those who love you truly.
  10. You matter! 

In the end, your life is your own. You choose to be happy. Nature has adapted you perfectly for your surroundings. Don’t let its efforts go waste. The comfort of your own skin is priceless.

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