Tamasha in the Life of Millenials

Not long ago, it was easy for me to be judgmental about movies. Some time ago, I did not like the utter garbage which the film industry spewed in the name of entertainment. Of late, no movie swept me off my feet and made me ponder my existence. Until Tamasha came…

A Misleading Trailer of Your Life

The trailer of Tamasha gave a strong impression of one of the love stories which were ubiquitous in our film industry. We are surrounded by not-so-impressive plots which go on to make crores, while other gems remain grounded and forgotten. However, grounded ones remain etched in the memories of people forever. A tree with stronger roots survives unlike the one which is installed for ornamental purposes. Tamasha is one such gem which will make you question your identity.

The Entangled Ones

Ranbir Kapoor plays an unnamed man who spots a woman arguing with another man. Apparently, she is in distress as she has lost her valuable possessions along with her passport in Corsica. Not much, right? Wrong! This is where you need to widen the horizon of your thoughts and let the plot sink in. A funny, quirky man connecting on an emotional level with a woman he just met; this is the beginning of Tamasha which is going to happen. The initial sequence fools us into believing that them laughing and dancing, and trying to make the most out of a moment is the basis of this unusual story. They use vulgar words, drink, crash a wedding bash, pretend to be Don and Mona Darling. Everything is done so unapologetically that it truly makes you feel the freedom of an unrestrained soul. In Corsica, there is no one who can stop them from being their true selves. In the middle of lighthearted camaraderie, they are drawn towards each other, although both deny it.

We aren’t given much glimpse into Ranbir’s character’s mind. The layers aren’t removed the way we expect them to be. The complexity begins here.

A Strangled True Self

Why a movie is being talked about here? It is a movie which didn’t even perform well on the silver screen. Not many people liked it and its context not understood by many. Let me reveal what I feel about this movie and how Ved and Tara, played by Ranbir and Deepika, are all of us entangled in the vicious web of rat-race which makes us believe that we have to be a perfect fit in the expectations of the society. The moment Tara parts from him is the moment universe plays its role. A connection so strong cannot be forgotten. Tara realised it. Ved, on the other hand, succumbs to the same unspoken norms of the world, which he fought against so hardly in Corsica. Four years later, Tara finds him as a battered soul, so battered that he resembles more to a robot than an actual human being. What Ved is, we all are. What Tara is, we wish to be.

Why So Different?

Despite having the background of a love story, this one is twisted in its own way. Tara rejects Ved’s marriage proposal because he isn’t himself. Most of us would give anything for true love and make compromises. The biggest misconception believed by people is that love and relationship are all about compromises. There are women who will change themselves once they fall in love. Marriage becomes the ultimate goal. It’s not said that they are wrong; instead, they haven’t yet seen the world from a different perspective yet. Here, Tara rejects him for his own good. This is the point where Ved’s inner conflicts start surfacing. He is an unstable blend of two unfortunate choices:

1)What he is

2)What he was forced to be

Ved’s only mistake was that he tried to be what he was not. Remember, rigid trees are easier to fell. He undergoes a psychotic break because Tara develops cracks in his societal self; something which he was not. We witness a Tamasha which coheres strongly with the events of our lives. The characters aren’t sexualised, and this is the biggest win-win factor of this gem. Instead, this craft intends to unravel the existential crisis of modern beings. Remember- Ved is who we are and Tara is who we aspire to be.

The Failed Millenials

Don’t presume; don’t judge, and see reality as it is. Most of us are coached from the beginning to follow the herd. Rarely, almost never, we find a guiding light which soothes us. We become a perfectly carved version of societal expectations.

William Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the window to your soul”. Despite his demise in 1616, precisely 402 years later, he is astonishingly relevant. Ved’s eyes carry a dead expression. Why? Because in order to become what he abhorred the most, he buried his real self in the deepest, darkest hell. This is the hell he went through until Tara makes him vulnerable. Ved is a symbol of failed millenials who work like a machine in the hope of achieving success some day. Tara, like the Northern Star, remains a constant guidance in his life. Sacrificing yourself for something which doesn’t resonate with your real self is what most of us do. Sadly, nothing comes out of it. Young millenials continue to live in the fallacy only to regret when the Grim Reaper is knocking on their door.

A Lesson Worth Lifetime

A flower, if planted in desert, will die a miserable death. On the contrary, a cactus blooms when installed in the same unwelcoming sand. The evidence is evident. Every person is blessed with a gift- being themselves. The plot of life goes awry when everyone attempts to fit into one space. People belong to the space where the purpose makes their soul glimmer; their blood pulsates with excitement, and the soul stays blissful and calm. Natural disasters happen for the same reason- Earth is uneasy and wishes to seek balance. The universe seeks balance. We must do the same, otherwise, we will also break down one day.

Ved’s revival happens when he stops combating his inner conflicts. Even when Tara goes away, the seeds of hope planted by her continue to grow into a massive tree. Ved flourishes when he embraces his happiness. His eyes reflect his soul’s awakening.

When the final scene ended, it wasn’t the end. I was taken aback to the extent where I was mute for a couple of hours. This movie baffled my soul and tore open the blindfold which I was wearing since the time adulthood struck me. Dumfounded, I sat alone trying to absorb the life-altering moment. I felt deeply for Ved. I felt for myself. Never ever a movie made me question my choices; this one did.

Remember, universe seeks balance; your mind, body and soul are a little universe as well.


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