The Miracle of True Attachment

Miracles come to you when you are almost near to giving up. My beloved Choo Choo ran away from home more than 6 months ago and refused to come back. The reason was some personal turmoil which I faced in my relationship which affected her as well. She visited me couple of times but never came inside the house. I was losing hope when all my efforts to bring her home failed. She found her life outdoors much better than at home. Every night I slept only after praying that she is alive and fine, and will come home one day. I will never cope up if something happens to her. I bought her home from streets in 2015. She became the love of my life since the moment she decided to stay with me. My love was only two months old at that time.

 Today I just went out of the house to check on another cat of mine. There I saw a familiar cat under a car in parking lot; she seemed to be Rusty from a distance (Choo Choo’s youngest baby). The cat saw me and came running to me meowing. I was confused because Rusty does not have orange fur. Realisation struck me when I realised that it’s my absconding cat, my love Choo Choo. She instantly started hugging me and rubbing her face on me. Her love was a mixture of hugs and kisses. She expressed her discomfort when I tried to bring her inside my home.

 Choo Choo then went back and sat under a bike. She then started eating dry roti pieces. I ran back to house and brought some chicken pieces for her. She ate the pieces until she was full. I spent an hour with her and then she again went out. I waited for her in hope of spotting her again. But she had disappeared again.

I know she is around me. Her love for me has not finished. My prayers have been answered; she is alive and healthy with no signs of injury. I’m at peace after knowing that my girl is a tough one and can take care of herself. All I hope is that she comes back to me again and starts living at home. For now, I am happy that she is around me. The relief which I am feeling cannot be described in words. Perhaps this is the exact feeling which parents get when their child is away from them in another city.

 — feeling emotional.

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