The Birth of Selfless Love

A little red rose yawned in the dew drops of morn,

With lazy eyes saw he a sparrow flying to peck the corn,

The diamonds were skating on the slopes of trees,

The monkeys also walked up with ease,

The sun was spreading its yellow light,

Sunflowers glowed fully with their might,

The crows avoided teasing anyone,

All were relishing fun, fun & fun!!

Surprised the little one was,

Why everyone was in so much hurry?

Asked he the beautiful lass,

Told him she to not to worry,

Uttered then she,

Today he was sprouted,

The old woman living in that hut was relieved,

Happy she was as if her child was born,

Her loneliness fled away,

Watered you she everyday,

You are now a symbol of love due to her,

She is not in this world now,

But you’ll live in the hearts of lovers forever!!

Now lass had nothing to say,

But told him she,

“You will inspire Hemingway!”

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