Being your beloved has suspended me

in a void of dismay;

so uncertain is time and its crooked self.

it prowled and encroached

sans a twitch of air, and

I was being hunted much before I knew;

Or was I? I don’t know…

Something was there-

misty & warm,

clear yet hazy between me and you;

befuddled I was & yet I had thought that

it would come and go;

and then began this ‘something’s’ doses

through a furtive vein,

amidst acceptances & denials,

assertion of will & will nots;

swearing as if everything was normal

doped in the aura of normalcy.


The blood of mine thus,

Betraying me, oblivious when I was,

overturned the tables!


The slices of my conscience & brain conspired,

and the room which had been locked

was blown open & scavenged.


The trickling began thus,

and to my nerves it clung-

like an enzyme to the food,

antigen to erythrocytes;

My own plasma made slave my mood,

and fanatically loved my cells,

yet being peculiarly rude.


Tampered the lock was,

wreaked havocked the room,

and I failed to see,

that the conspirator was right there-


IT began to rule me

By being fused with my mind;

Addicted I became

to this friendly fiend.

I had not paid the slightest heed,

that me myself with it had allied.

The cloak was shed

and the symptoms revealed;

victorious at last it was,

succumbed when my plethoric shield,

and made you my parasitic beloved-

my sinfully desired!


The Tick-Toc of the clock now counts my breath;

my frail insides not even ashamed of the conspiratory deeds

leaving my wiled self aside,

and bathe in that victorious tide.


detached when it would be from me,

I shudder,

this ‘nicotine love’ would succeed to commit my murder!



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