Spirituality Unravelled

Spirituality is a domain which has swept the world in today’s age. Everyone seems to be reaping the benefits of it by different methods. Yet, it is not the same for everyone. Some prefer to visit temples, mosques, or churches; rest, prefer praying privately, helping underprivileged, long walks, meditation, yoga, and so on. It is important to get under the skin of the term ‘spirituality’ before practicing it.

The most profound sense of self-worth is the experience of that area of spirituality where we encounter our all inclusiveness. This zone of mindfulness is a cognizance that is past our brain, keenness, and conscience. In religious customs this awareness is alluded to the spirit which is a piece of an aggregate soul or aggregate cognizance, which is, thus, a piece of more all inclusive area of cognizance alluded to in religions as God. When we have even an incomplete look at this level of mindfulness we encounter euphoria, understanding, instinct, inventiveness, and opportunity of decision. There is the enlivening of adoration, graciousness, empathy, bliss at the achievement of others, and composure. As the turbulence of our mind settles down, our body likewise starts to mend itself since it additionally calms down. The body’s self-repair instruments are enacted when the brain finds a sense of contentment in light of the fact that the psyche and body are at the most spiritual level, indivisibly one.

The Mistake of Thinking Religion as Spirituality

All religions are established on the principle of the soul and universe’s union. Shockingly, the devotees of religion, rather than understanding the religious experience and looking for it for themselves, wound up simply worshiping the originator of the religion. It is more important to completely understand the core principles of the religion and its essential precepts, that have originated from a deeper understanding of one’s surroundings and own soul. Self imposed religiousness isn’t a method for encountering higher awareness.  Be that as it may, in light of the fact that spiritual learning is healing, the overseers of religion have often, at times, wound up with dangerous practices — control mongering, cronyism, control, defilement, and impact hawking. Sadly, people overlap religion and spirituality, and fail to connect with their inner selves which religion imparts. As a result of this, religion has much of the time ended up noticeably unruly, troublesome, and prompted strife. No sorted out religion has been invulnerable to this disastrous propensity. In this way, we have had the campaigns and witch-chases of Christianity, the Jihads of Islam, and the rough common uproars induced by fundamentalist Hindus and the oppression of minorities and ethnic purging all for the sake of God.

Time is Money but Money is Not Peace


Where are we going wrong? People spend their entire lives in earning more and more money, yet they are not happy? Why do rich and famous, despite having everything, often fall in depression? Why they cannot find contentment in the comforts which they worked so hard for? Most of us devote our energy in feeding a desired lifestyle which requires massive maintenance; the comforts increase, so does worries to maintain them. Humans of modern world keeps running behind the mixed up idea that in the that if we work harder we will get more money, and since cash empowers us to purchase things that satisfy us, with more cash we will be more joyful. Spirituality, be that as it may, is not the same as the joys brought with monetary purchases. That is the reason every one of us are anxious and disappointed, regardless of winning and spending massive amount of cash and in spite of utilizing and owning any number of things. Cash does not really create satisfaction, and the time flies away. For the love of money is the root of all evil” is a sentence in the Bible’s First Epistle to Timothy (1 Timothy 6:10, KJV).The cycle of wanting more and more is never ending.

Where does the solution lie? The truth lies in you. Bhagwad Gita, a Hindu scripture documenting, dialogue between Lord Krishna and Arjuna, has inspired many to follow the path of spirituality. The immortal message of the Bhagavad Gita does not allude just to one documented war, but rather to the a clash between good and evil: life as a progression of fights amongst Spirit and matter, soul and body, life and death, learning and ignorance, well-being and illness, eternity and temporariness, poise and enticements, hatred and the impaired sense of mind. It provides the answers to every question which every person has regarding their existence and duties.

Peace is in Small Things

Money, like it is said, a necessary evil; it is evil nevertheless. So, what can be done to follow the path to spirituality when money is needed for a comfortable life? Here is the answer- never desire too much. Meditate; it helps to clear your mind of everyday tension. If time is the concern, then find couple of minutes to sit down quietly. It is understood that time is money; it indeed is. A couple of minutes spent with yourself in quietness, can help in clearing your mind of negative feelings. Sit down, concentrate on your breath, and focus on nothing but yourself. Yoga is another form of spiritual exercise. Its importance is stated in Bhagwad Gita as a channel of attainment of happiness, self-realization, personal growth and mental peace. If you have money, invest it in charitable causes- feed a poor, educate someone, help someone in distress. Even a small action like donating blood is bound to give you a sense of satisfaction, which is closer to mental peace. A necessary vice like money can be utilized to attain mental peace. Share it with someone who is in dire need of help; you will sleep peacefully knowing that it caused happiness to someone. The satisfaction of being able to make a change is closer to spiritual experience. And, make peace with changes happening in your life. Acceptance of something you can’t change is a step which will make you comfortable with yourself.

As we have a more logical comprehension of the otherworldly level of our reality and take a look at the essential principles of all religions, we find that the supreme spiritual experience is the key to the lock which will unravel one’s connection with their soul. This experience can be felt by anybody through the act of reflection, supplication, scrutinizing, the statement of affection and sympathy in real life, scholarly investigation into the more profound message of life, and self-less practices. With these practices, we start to understand that cognizance is a field of vast potential outcomes; that it is inescapable, transcendent, omniscient and limitlessly fruitful. This experience likewise prompts unbounded love and empathy. Connecting with our most profound self is in this manner the most extreme significance since it is our association with our existence and the universe.

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