Introduction of a Cluttered Mind

I often come across as a talkative person, which I am not. This blog is created so that I can dare to share my experiences and thoughts which are usually not expressed. The current stage of my life is such that I am scared to breakdown, collapse or just shut myself down in a room. This is a dare which I have taken.

Struggling from a personality disorder isn’t an easy task; it’s easier said than done. You refrain from telling people as you are afraid that they will judge or misunderstand you. Worse, they advice you to behave normally as they feel that we are just overreacting to situations. No, they do not know that we have inner demons which gnaw at our soul at each moment. They are the demons which we cannot fight so easily, not with those people around who generalize our worries and give useless advises.

This blog is my space in a public zone. Yet, I do not know what to write.  I will write if my mind allows, I will write if I get inner motivation, and  I will write when I feel ready.

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